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Working Hard to Stay in Shape

For a lot of winter athletes, skiing is one of the best (or only) ways to stay in shape through the winter months. However, preparing for ski season—even if you have limited access to the mountains themselves—is just as important as preparing for any other sport. The best part? You.

What’s the Deal with Indoor Ski Facilities?

Around a decade ago, Dubai made headlines with the opening of Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort with 22,500 square meters of indoor ski area. More recently, China opened the largest indoor ski resort in history, comprising roughly 80,000 square meters of skiable area. Created by a climate-controlled environment with.

Equipment Check

Balancing a love for skiing in a mountain-less city is tough work. If you grew up within the sport, winters might feel empty and worthless without those weekend trips to the mountain. However, this balance extends well beyond reconciling your love of the sport with your location—it should also include.

How to Keep Skiing

Maintaining a healthy skiing habit can be difficult when living in a city—especially if that city is situated in the middle of an Ice Age-era glacial path. To continue skiing requires access to mountains, transportation, and, let’s be honest, time. Below, I’ve laid out these three obstacles to skiing while.